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Fiberglass, as the name implies, is simply a kind of fiber that is composed of glass. Fiberglass insulation has many different applications, but it is primarily used as a thermal insulator for houses, apartments, and businesses. Fiberglass insulation works as an insulator by slowing the spread of both hot and cool air, as well as soundwaves, throughout a structure. It does so by trapping pockets of air, keeping rooms warm throughout the winter and cool throughout the summer. Fiberglass insulation is also an attractive form of attic insulation because it poses no fire hazard. Many estimates also show that insulation made from fiberglass can reduce residential energy costs by 40%.

Fiberglass was created in 1932 by sheer accident, when Dale Kleist was trying to create a vacuum-tight seal between two glass blocks. During the experiment, a jet of high-pressure air transformed a stream of molten glass into fine fibers. With this recently unknown method of producing such a large amount of fiberglass having been realized, it was only a matter of time before the results were put to good use, and the methods of production ultimately refined.

Our Missoula attic insulation is the result of decades of innovation and improvement in fiberglass insulation material. Our insulation is environmentally friendly, will reduce greenhouse emissions, and prevent the buildup of condensation on your walls and ceiling. Not only that, but it will also sustain the health and comfort level of your home.

Why Insulation Helps During The Summer

During those hot summer months, the roof and walls of your home heat up. The attic is one of the hottest areas of the home, and can rise in temperature to nearly 170 degrees! All of that heat spreads out through the rest of your home. Because of this, most people end up cranking their AC, driving up their home’s energy costs.

Our Missoula attic insulation will reduce the amount of heat that enters your home in the first place, so you don’t have to have the AC on all day and all night, just to get your home at or somewhat below 80 degrees.

Why Insulation Helps During The Winter

In the same way that insulation blocks heat from entering your home during the summer, it will also block it from exiting your home during the winter. If you’re constantly heating your home throughout those long, cold winter months, it’s because you’re losing heat at about the same rate that you’re creating it.

Our Missoula attic insulation will keep your home warm and your energy costs low.

attic insulation missoulaWhy Choose Eco Insulation?

We’re ranked among the highest insulation providers in the entire Intermountain West, and for good reason. Our services are licensed and insured. We have the experts you can rely on to bring your home up to its maximum energy saving potential.

We provide:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • A Lifetime Guarantee Against Insulation Settling

If you are not completely satisfied with our work in either the long or short term, we will come back and fix the problem at no extra cost.

If you require high quality Missoula attic insulation, contact Eco Insulation today!

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