5 Home Energy Tips: Stay Warm & Save Money This Winter

Winter can be a wonderful season filled with skiing, quality family time, and of course a few cups of hot cocoa. Unfortunately, homeowners often see a spike in their  energy bills. Does this toddler’s experience look familiar?


The cost of heating your home is going to depend heavily on mother nature, but even a harsh winter doesn’t have to break the bank. There are tried and true methods to help lower winter heat bills and put some cash back in your pocket. Here are 5 great tips to help you do just that.

1.  Install a Programmable Thermostat.

Having a thermostat that adjusts based on time of day can save up to 10% on annual heating/cooling bills. Most of the data suggests that adjusting the temperature down by 6-8 degrees while you’re at work or sleeping is ideal.

For example, if you usually keep the temperature at 68 degrees while home, you could program the thermostat to drop to 60 degrees while the house is vacant.

2.  Install Weather Stripping on Windows and Doors.

Weather stripping is a simple and cost effective method for managing your winter heating bills. Many older homes have never been weather stripped, and by doing so could save up to 5-8% on heating bills.

3.  Utilize Space Heaters in Specific Living Spaces.

If you habitually spend most of your time in a specific room or two, using a space heater could save you quite a bit of cash. This will allow you to keep the thermostat temperature lower while maintaining a comfortable temperature in a specific room. Many people use this method for bedrooms or living rooms.

4.  Consider an Average Billing Plan.

Most utility companies will offer homeowners the ability to have Averaged Billing. This does not actually lower your energy bills, but rather spreading out the cost over all 12 months. It’s an effective way of managing bills so you don’t get surprised with an outrageously high bill during an extreme weather month.

5.  Upgrade Attic and Air Sealing.

Winter heat bills in the $100’s and $200’s are not uncommon anymore and that’s a problem. If your home is under-insulated you will be paying ridiculous amounts of money because the heat you’re paying for is escaping the home.

As many may know, properly insulating and air-sealing your home always has a high return on investment. The average house will save between 15-35% on heating bills (and AC bills in the summer) once the attic has been updated.

Do you want to know the best part about these upgrades? There are multiple Federal, State and Local funding programs that help offset the cost of attic insulation and air-sealing.

EnergyStar.gov insulation recommendations and regulations are based on geographical location in the United States. How does your home’s insulation level compare?

(For reference, an R-value of 49 is usually between 16-19 inches of insulation)


Again, there are numerous ways to help lower your heating bills in the winter. Some are crafty, some are frugal, and some are just plain necessity.

How can Eco Insulation help you?

Eco Insulation is currently offering complimentary attic inspections to see which homeowners qualify for and take advantage of this funding. Give us a call or visit us at www.myecoinsulation.com and we will do what we can to help you save.

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